Non-Fetlife: Online content that you can reference without a FetLife account!

Kinky Clover  – Has an awesome rope bottom guide, as well as other resources about rope bottoming, modeling, and all that sort of thing
Crash Restraint – Mostly tying tutorials, but I’m specifically linking the hardpoint evaluation article (technical, but useful), and there are other topics relevant to rope bottoms.
Remedial Ropes – There’s useful safety info here for tops as well as bottoms, provided clearly and pretty simply. Probably my favorite reference for nerve injury information
Klawdya – Stretching for Bondage – Some stretches and things to know about flexibility as it pertains to bondage.
Copy of the older Rope Bottom Guide – In case you don’t feel like downloading the PDF
Body Assessment for Rope Bondage – I was thinking about making something like this, but in the meantime, here’s a list of conditions to keep in mind when negotiating a rope/bondage scene
Free Rope Bottoming Tips – Provided by Evie Vane, author of the book “The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up” which I do highly recommend.
Richmond Nawa Kai’s Anatomy for Rope  – Some nicely presented anatomical information.
Stefanos & Shay’s Negotiation Form – A one page (front and back) form with some details and reminders for negotiation
Negotiation 101 by Robot Hugs and Tormenta – An awesome checklist and breakdown of consent and negotiation

FetLife: This will never be an exhaustive list, but it will be exhausting for me to keep up. There are so many compilations and groups, so I’m just going to highlight some that I think really stand out because they say something unique or go very in-depth.

Sansblague’s writings: I don’t know this person, bu they have a multi-part list with a lot of good information on topics such as endurance, communication, positioning, etc. Saving more for my reference than anything else!
6 More Solid Questions a Rope Bottom Can Ask: The name says it all, I think. Negotiation questions. Follow up to another post linked in the writing.
Bondage safety for bottoms: While I grumble a little bit at how often rope bottoms are learning bottoming skills from tops, this is still a solid enough read.
Weighing in on Rope and Weight: The author of this post says it better than I can. The world of rope bottoming is much more diverse and beautiful than what you see on K&P.