I shit you knot.



Dermatome Gloves!

So, remembering sensory areas is tricky, and of course you can just look at an image (such as this very helpful one by FrozenMersault) and copy it, but I think this is a good exercise to take it step by step... Continue Reading →

Chicago Rope Bottom Roundtable: Nerves!

Get the PDF of this outline: chicago-rope-bottom-roundtable-september What are nerves? Nerves are what enable your brain to communicate with the outside world. Communication goes two ways: Your brain needs information in (senses) and it needs to send directions out (movement). Your... Continue Reading →

Nitty Gritty Nerve Anatomy for Rope Bottoms

Here's slightly more information than you technically need to start rope bottoming, but I'm the kind of person who remembers things much better if I know the details, so they are for anyone else who feels the same way. So,... Continue Reading →

Blog Intro

Greetings, earthlings! I'm just your run-of-the-mill rope bottom who randomly decided to start a blog about it. I'm going to focus on stuff that pertains to rope, healthy sex positivity, and Chicago area events (and the Midwest, because who doesn't... Continue Reading →

The big list of rope bottoming resources

Non-Fetlife: Online content that you can reference without a FetLife account! Kinky Clover  - Has an awesome rope bottom guide, as well as other resources about rope bottoming, modeling, and all that sort of thing Crash Restraint - Mostly tying tutorials,... Continue Reading →

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